Evelina is a product designer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Her research usually starts from materials and processes which transform them into design objects. She is fascinated by the narrative hidden in a product and by its power of carrying knowledge, memories and emotions in a more concrete and tactile way. When designing something, she wants to tell a story, to create a reaction of wonder and curiosity in the people who are going to interact with the object.

selected exhibitions | publications

2017 Paris Design Week | NOW! Le Off
2017 – 2019  Reconsider Design roadshow | traveling eco-design exhibition
2017 ICIF Sczenchen China | Exhibition of Chinese creative industries
2017 Formex | Nordic interior design fare
2016 Formex | Nordic interior design fare
2015 London Design Week | Tent London

2016 Form.de | Land of Design Lithuania | Dossiers
2016 Finnancial Times | Life&Arts | the return of raw materials in home design
2015 Frame | Wood you


2014 – 2015 Product design in LHI | Iceland Academy of the Arts.
2011 – 2015 Product design in Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania.
2010 Fine Arts foundation year in KABK | Royal Academy of Art. The Hague, Netherlands.


P: +370 678 42497
M: info@evelinakudabaite.com
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